For me I’ve always thought of the airport as a sort of haven. People coming and going, with a sense of hope and excitement in the air, not knowing what new adventures await. Loved ones greeting people they haven’t seen in forever, or people departing from loved ones on the journey to become who God created them to be. One of the greatest feelings is arriving at the airport, bags in hand, and getting on a plane to take you to a place you’ve never been (or a place you’ve been a million times) knowing that you’ve been given the opportunity to see and to learn the world just a little differently than you knew before. Today, I choose to remember that. And I pray for those who woke up this morning with that same feeling, only to have it challenged by the evil of this world. May they never lose hope and trust in Christ who will always be lighting the way on His “adventure” in the darkness we find here.

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