She Rejoices Without Fear

When beginning this blog, I wanted to have a place that I could write out and process the millions of thoughts that race through my mind on a daily basis. No exaggeration. What you see is only what survives the dreaded delete button… (Not really delete, but more like locked in my drafts until maybe one day I become brave enough to post it). Some of those thoughts come out as random blurbs, some single, lone sentences, and some actually wind up stringing together something that might bring a little understanding to my world.

Blank notepad and pencil

When really pondering what I should name this blog (because just isn’t the most captivating title of all time), a verse came to my mind… Proverbs 31:25. Some versions translate this  verse to “she is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future”. The translation I really loved says that she REJOICES without fear of the future. I love this verse. I love it because it’s not who I am, but it’s who I want to be.


Most days, I love this world so much and the things in it that God has allowed me to enjoy. I have an incredible family. I love my amazing husband and know without a doubt that it’s by God’s grace alone I get to call him mine…and it’s God’s grace alone that he puts up with my crazy antics. I have a job that I actually enjoy going to each day and I truly recognize that I have all the opportunity in the world… and pray daily that I never get complacent and take advantage of that opportunity.

That being said, we never know what tomorrow will hold. And that IS scary. On most days, and my sweet, kind, forgiving husband will attest to this, I can let myself become truly fearful. But I don’t want to be. Because I know that God is good and I know that He is faithful through and through. I WANT to trust that whole heartedly. That’s the basket I want all my eggs in. So that is my goal. In everything I do, everything I write, and everything I see… I want to be the woman who truly rejoices without fear of what’s next.


(Yes, this is a shameless car selfie… actively driving by the looks of the seatbelt… or probably just in the Starbucks drive thru… Whoops!)

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