“I love you”…. “ummm thank you?”

New Years Eve has always been my favorite holiday as long as I can remember. I know what you’re thinking and no it’s not because of Carson Daly and the New York Times Square ball dropping… two images that should never be used in the same sentence… Seth Cohen for life! #welcometotheoc #californiaherewecome


(Side note: The title for this post and the quote above are from The Countdown which is an episode from season 1 of the tv show The OC. Why it only lasted four seasons I have no idea and I am still completely obsessed with it and you should be too! Watch the episode HERE and ignore the subtitles haha).


New Year’s Eve is my favorite because of the anticipation of moving forward. It’s like on this night, time says even if you’ve intentionally been trying to stay put you’re going to be thrusted into the future. It forces us to look at what’s next.

The years now a days seem to pass all too quickly for me. I admit some moments I wish would fly by faster than others… because life seems to get boring in the stillness or super sad in the turmoil… but it’s those still quiet times or those rough, turbulent, bumpy roads that I’ve learned the most and have grown closer to God.

In June of this year a little movie came out called Finding Dory… the sequel to a beloved classic called Finding Nemo. For those of you have no idea what I’m talking about Nemo is a clown fish who kinda has a bum fin and because of it his dad, Marlin, has always been super protective. In Finding Nemo, Nemo gets swept away and lost in sea. Marlin sets out on a journey to find Nemo with his only constant companion and helper being a tang fish named Dory who has NO short-term memory. She forgets really quickly. Dory has it rough, but because she can’t remember, she doesn’t know anything is wrong… she’s blissfully unaware. In this sequel, Finding Dory, Dory herself, you guessed it, is actually the one who gets lost. But don’t worry in both films…. spoiler alert…. it all works out. They find each other. They live happily ever after.

However in Dory’s darkest moments, whether she’s all alone, trying to cheer up Marlin, or the moments where she’s most unsure about what’s going on, who she is, and where she is going, she sings a little song… Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, just keep swimming.


Just Keep Swimming!

I took it upon myself to adopt this song into my life this year… when I was annoyed or mad or scared or sad I would sing in my head like a crazy tang fish… just keep swimming. It helped me keep perspective that whatever was going on was just temporary. That if I kept pushing on, if I just kept swimming, that something new, or different,  or dare I say even better would be on the horizon. Hope.

God is so intentional. The things that happen SPECIFICALLY WHEN they happen are not by coincidence, but rather serve a very unique purpose. And while every year is sure to bring times of stillness and times of sadness, I find there always ends up being more greatness and grace and hope and love because of it.

2017 will bring things that I know are on the horizon, like Baby C in #june2017, but also life will inevitably throw curveballs I never saw coming. And I want to rejoice in that, knowing that whatever comes is for a good, Godly purpose… with Him at the helm. That in itself is something to celebrate.


I sincerely hope and pray that 2017 will bring all good happy things… for my family and for yours. I also pray that no matter the circumstances we may find ourselves in, we will push beyond the circumstance alone and focus on that growth and grace and hope and love that will always be there. For this reason, I look forward to what’s next for all of us.

Be loud. Be proud. Be persistent. Be  thankful. Just keep swimming. Happy New Year’s Eve everyone… continue to fight the good fight and keep your hope in Him!

One thought on ““I love you”…. “ummm thank you?”

  1. Lori says:

    Happy New Year, To our Sweet Sammy& Daren ( and of course the little bun !!! ).
    Love to all. Have a great time.
    Love Lori &Jerry😇

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